The Jet-Setter

jet set package

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The Jet-setter  (Save 20% off  Total Price)

This package was designed to revive the traveler su­ffering from jet-lag, and reverse the negative e­ffects of flying. Are you a frequent flyer? Is it back to reality from a fabulous exotic vacation? Or was it simply business in another time zone? Whatever your reason for traveling, chances are you are sti­ff, a bit sore, dehydrated and
suff­er from lack of sleep.

Allow us to gently help you balance your equilibrium and relax. This package includes a 30 min aromatherapy back massage. A potent mix of anti-oxidants in our oil is massaged onto your back, relieving back pain. Next, you are whisked o­ff to enjoy Kozma & Kozma’s popular “petite treat for the feet” service which includes a moisturizing foot soak and foot massage, and we complete the experience with a shampoo-blowdry.
Allow 90 minutes