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Mike & Hillary croppedDear Valued Customers,

You are extremely important to us. Everything we do, we do with you in mind. Every detail of our salon, comes from our heart. We are passionate about serving you.

When you visit our salon, you can expect a great experience. We offer quality services, using the best products, and a skilled, experienced and friendly team. Oh- and a few complimentary surprises to make you smile, like a scoop of candy or a gourmet coffee.

We were established in 2007, by the name of Glow American Salon. We are two Americans from Oregon State- Hillary and Mike Kozma. And we also own and manage Kozma & Kozma. We are a husband and wife team! Hillary is a retired senior hair stylist, and focuses on running the business. She is very creative and applies this to all areas of the business. Mike works hard behind the scenes to run the business (we call him the wizard of oz). He is an analytical visionary who is constantly dreaming of how to take the company to the next level. Hillary & Mike have an incredible amount of love for this company. The salon team are like family. Together, anything is possible!

Visit our Service Menu for a overview of all the wonderful hair and beauty treatments we offer. You will discover many wonderful different things to try. Careful! Our services give such wonderful results, they can be addicting!

As you browse our service menu, you will learn that we are Naturally Curly Hair experts. We are the first and only curly hair salon in dubai and in the region. We have our own special method, The Kozma Curl Method. We have lots to say about curly hair, so curlies, please make sure to visit our Curly Hair page!

We confess. We do things a bit differently at Kozma & Kozma. We are not your mainstream salon, nor do we want to be. Consider us a rebellion against the generic. We were the first of its kind in the region. After the doors opened for business, we quickly established a great reputation for excellent services and customer service, and we have worked hard to maintain that reputation. Our future vision is to continue to grow and improve, and expand in the region and internationally. Always forward thinking, we believe in continuously evolving, improving and re-inventing.

We are ready to accommodate your wishes to make your experience at Kozma & Kozma a wonderful one. A happy and comfortable place where you can retreat by yourself for renewal and balance or enjoy beautifying fun with a friend.

At the end of your visit, you will no doubt glow from the inside, out.


Hillary & Mike Kozma