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At Kozma Curl We Celebrate Curly Hair






Kozma Curl Style Lesson

When you visit us for a Kozma Curl Style Lesson, you can expect to learn:

-What YOUR curl type is.

-What your home regimen should be.

-What products you should (and shouldn’t) be using.

-How to care for your curls at home.

-How to style your curls at home.




We will teach you the Do’s and the Don’ts of working with (not against!) your curly hair. In this lesson, we hydrate and style your curls for you, providing a demonstration. Allow us to educate you on everything you never knew about your curls- it might just change your life!


Kozma Curl Style Lesson AED 210

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Kozma Curl Style


You have been our curly customer, and you have already received the lesson. Now you would like to have your curls beautifully hydrated and styled by a professional.


Please note, this may only be booked after you have had a kozma curl style lesson.


Kozma Curl Style AED 185



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Kozma Curl Cut


(Your cut will also include a Kozma Curl style lesson)


Curly hair demands a different approach, and with the right curly cut, your hair can be breathtakingly beautiful. Our qualified stylists have been trained to cut curly hair, the Kozma Curl Method way. We have developed several approaches to the proper cutting technique based on your curl type and to suit your personal preferences.


Your Kozma Curl Cut begins with a careful consultation with your stylist, where we will determine the best plan of action- a dry cut or a wet cut. The first question you will be asked is whether you wear your hair only its curly state or do you like to change it by wearing it straight sometimes?


We offer two options of curly cutting, that way we can tailor our techniques to your specific needs.


The first is the Kozma Curl Cut, which is comprised of our dry cutting techniques, and is our award winning and revolutionary method for cutting curly hair. The hair is cut dry, and we cut the hair in it’s natural form. Each curl is cut individually. Dry cutting is the most ideal way to cut curls, because if curly hair is cut wet, the spring factor will be manipulated, and misinterpreted. This unique form of cutting allows the stylists to sculpt each client’s hair, according to their individual look, curl formation, and style. During the cut, we carefully preserve the integrity of each curl.


The second option of curly cutting is wet cutting. This allows the customer the option to wear her hair straight and is ideal for clients who cannot commit to wearing hair curly 100% of the time.


We finish your cut with an intense self-care curl lesson to take your amazing curls beyond the salon.


Please note that curly cutting takes time. Please allow at least 2 hours- timing will vary based on curly type, length and density.


To read more about the Kozma Curl Cutting Techniques please click HERE


Kozma Curl Cut (dry/wet) 290AED


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Kozma Curl Dry Cut Only (Advance Clients)


Enjoy SAVINGS on your second curly cut and beyond.


How it works:


This service is for those clients who have already been to us for the first Kozma Curl Cut (which included a lesson on how to care for and style your curls). Now that you know how to style your curls, you can come in with your curls ready for a cut – and save.


Please note, this may only be booked after you have seen us for your first Kozma Curl Cut, and may only be booked at your stylists discretion.


How to book and prep


1.To book, you will need to have had your first Kozma Curl Cut.


2.Please phone the salon. Your stylist will need to approve you for this service. This can be done by calling the salon and stating your desire for this service. We will take care of the rest.


3.Your hair will be cut dry. To prepare for your appointment, you will need to arrive with your hair freshly styled and completely DRY and worn down, with no clips or scrunchies in.


4.This appointment is the perfect time to ask your stylist any questions you’ve had and ask for more advanced tips!


Kozma Curl Dry Cut Only (Advance Clients) 210AED


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Kozma Curl Color & Hand-Painting


We have a sophisticated method of hand painting color. This technique was designed to replace conventional highlighting.


This method captures and defines the movement and dynamism of each curl, allowing the colourist the freedom to trust their own artistic eye, creating the perfect balance between tone, and shape, light and shadow- amongst your curls. We use biodegradable papers during this process.


(please see highlight pricing)


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Steam & Deep Treatment


Your curls deserve a treat. Book in for a Steam & Deep Treatment.


Curls feeling dry, dull and frizzy? Not to worry! We have the solution.


A steam & deep treatment really helps to soften hair! Helps with de-tangling, hydration levels, repairing damage and giving your curls a boost of nourishment. During your treatment, we will apply a deep treatment mask after gently cleansing your hair. This deep treatment mask combined with the use of steam helps your curls to absorb nourishment and moisture deep within the hair shaft while the cuticle is open. An absolute miracle worker! Hair will be more manageable, shiny and healthy as a result. All curl types benefit.


Steam & Hydrate Treatment

(Does not include Styling)

AED 100
Steam & Hydrate Treatment & Kozma Curl Style AED 280
Steam & Hydrate Treatment & Kozma Curl Style Lesson AED 255


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Kozma Curl Transition Style


Many clients struggle with transitioning hair. They feel they have no options. They think they must either accept the hair situation as it is, or straighten it, -or- the big chop… cut it all off!


Sounds familiar? Don’t despair! Those days of suffering are over. For the first time ever, there is a solution- and we are proud to be the ones to bring it to you!


 We have a safe no-heat option for you to wear your hair curly while you grow out your hair.


What does Transitioning mean?


Transitioning is the process in which steps are taken to stop relaxing or permanently straightening the hair, to allow the natural healthy texture to grow back.


On women who are in the transition phase, you will see curly roots and the rest of the hair length is straight.


This takes place on women who have been chemically straightening their hair, and they want to return to being naturally curly.


There are also situations where inconsistent curl patterns are due to pregnancy, hormones or medical treatments.


Problem & Solution


Problem: Transitioning customers did not have a way to enjoy their curls during the transition phase. They had curly roots while mid-length to ends was straight. The only solution was just accept it, or go for the ‘’big chop’’.


Solution:  Kozma Curl Rods give the option to wear hair curly while transitioning hair is grown out. Gives a even, consistent curl look.


Here at Kozma Curl, we have created a revolutionary tool (available for retail in our salons and our online shop.) and we have created a service made especially for our transitioning curly gals!


Introducing Kozma Curl Rods!


The new Kozma Curl Rods are used to achieve a heat free styling solution for the transitioning journey from heat or chemically damaged, to your natural curls. This can also be a fun styling option for any curly clients that feel like a change. The Kozma curl rods provide the perfect temporary style for those seeking a heat free styling option. The rods can be left to air dry and can even be slept in.


DIY at home


Purchase a set of rods from us and CLICK HERE to watch this helpful tutorial on how to style your hair using the Kozma Curl transition Rods.


Visit the salon for a Application Lesson


During your first appointment with us, not only will we be applying and styling the Kozma Curl Rods but we will also include a lesson for you to create this game changing technique at home to use throughout your whole transitioning journey! This personalized service will include cleansing and hydrating, rod application, and many insider tips plus a unravel and style to finish off using our Kozma Curl Rods – including a diffuser and shake out technique for a fab curly finish!


Check out all the different options we have for you below (some of them even include a pack of rods to take home with you):


Kozma transition rod lesson & application

(Short/Medium/Low density)

AED 290
Kozma transition rod lesson & application & pack of rods (Short/Medium/Low density) AED 410
Kozma transition rod lesson & application & pack of rods (Long/High Density) AED 485
Kozma transition rod lesson & application

(Long/High Density)

AED 365
Kozma transition rod application

(Short/Medium/Low density)

AED 225
Kozma transition rod application & pack of rods (Short/Medium/Low density) AED 345
Kozma transition rod application & pack of rods (Long/High Density) AED 410
Kozma transition rod application

(Long/High Density)

AED 295


Twist Out


A twist out is a wet or dry styling set involving twisting two (or three or more) small sections of hair around each other, creating a distinct twist/curl/wave pattern. Can also be used for elongation. Recommended only for super curly clients.




Kozma Twist out -Short/Medium/Low density AED 205
Kozma Twist out -Long/High density AED 280
Kozma Twist Out with Unravel Style-Shrt/Medim/Low density AED 265
Kozma Twist Out with Unravel Style-Long-High density AED 395
Kozma Twist out Lesson Short/Medium/Low density AED 325
Kozma Twist out Lesson Long-High Density AED 455

Kozma Curl Pre-Pay Packages


Have a favourite curly service? You choose what you save on. It can be anything. For example, you love our Hydrate and Style service, or maybe you love the Kozma Curl Cut- now you can buy a package and save!


Buy 5 of any of the same Curly Services, and get 7 (Save 28.5%)


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Curly Hair Up Styling


Do you have a special occasion? Or just want to tie your curls up in a stylish way? Want to rock a formal ‘fro? Need tips on putting your hair up and would like a demo? 


(please see hair up pricing)



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