Hair Color

paletteOur colorists are artists, and your hair is our canvas! There are infinite possibilities for hair color at Kozma and Kozma. Every color formulation is mixed with a dash of love, a sprinkle of creativity and a whopping amount of professional experience. We specialize in blonde hair and can conjure up any tone, from pure platinum, to icy champagne, to decadent golden honeys, and sunny ambers. Imagine silver as soft as moon light and buttery, creamy shades of blonde. Maybe you fancy a gorgeous brunette shade: glossy black ribbons, or warm chestnut with sparks of red, magenta and pomegranate. The more adventurous will love: Pastel fondant icing splashed over fringe. Delicate washes of peach. Whispers of cotton candy pink. A hush of lilac. Kaleidoscopes of color and tones. Peek-a-boo panels of turquoise. Fireworks! A flash of red. A pop of blue. Macaroon colored inspiration. When it comes to color at Kozma and Kozma, imagination is the only limit.


All Below Pricing including Vat


Root Touch up For All Length Stylist Name  
Root Touch Up 290 AED

Cherizeh/Gayle /Marilyn /Amy


Full Color Short Medium Long Extra Long  Stylist Name  
Full Color 290 AED 345 AED 450 AED 500 AED Cherizeh/Gayle /Marilyn /Amy

Half Head Highlights Short Medium Long Extra Long  Stylist Name
Half Head Highlights 350 AED 400 AED 450 AED 475 AED Cherizeh/Gayle /Marilyn /Amy


Full Head Highlights Short Medium Long Extra Long Stylist Name
Full Head Highlights 400 AED 450 AED 525 AED 575 AED Cherizeh/Gayle /Marilyn /Amy

Color and Highlights S, M, L, XL Half Head S, M, L, XL Full Head Stylist Name 
Full Color and Highlights Full Color Short & Half head

– 475 AED

Full Color Short & Full head

– 525 AED

Cherizeh/Gayle /Marilyn /Amy
Full Color Med & Half head

– 550 AED

Full Color Med & Full head

– 600 AED

Full Color Long & Half head

– 625 AED

Full Color Long & Full head

– 700 AED

Full Color XLong & Half head

– 675 AED

Full Color XLong & Full head

– 775 AED

Fashion Color (10 foil)  Price Stylist Name  
Fashion Color (10 foil max) 370 AED Cherizeh/Gayle /Marilyn /Amy


Fashion Color Half Head Short Medium Long Extra Long Stylist Name  
Half Head Fashion Color 420 AED 500 AED 525 AED 580 AED Cherizeh/Gayle /Marilyn /Amy


Fashion Color Full Head Short Medium Long Extra Long Stylist Name  
Full Head Fashion Color 525 AED 735 AED 790 AED 995 AED Cherizeh/Gayle /Marilyn /Amy


Color Correction

( Per Hour)

Short Medium Long Extra Long Stylist Name  
Color Correction  

( Per Hour)

420 AED 450 AED 475 AED 500 AED Cherizeh/Gayle /Marilyn /Amy


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