Mermaid Mani & Pedi


We are proud to introduce our Rainbow manicure and pedicure collection- this is just for cheeky grown-ups, who are young at heart. Take a break from “adulting,” and release your inner child.

Inspired by favorite fairy tales, retro toys, and nostalgic childhood memories.

This collection takes your mani and pedi experience to a whole new level. Each are a unique experience you will never forget- a celebration of whimsical fun.

This extravaganza of manis and pedis might be quirky and playful but they pack some seriously strong beauty benefits.

All of our rainbow manis and pedis are safe, nontoxic, no harmful chemicals are used, 100% biodegradable, not tested on animals and environmentally safe. 

mermaid-mani  Mermaid Mani- AED 150

Under the sea fun. Hands are immersed into mermaid water filled with fun caviar and clam-shell pearls. A full signature mani is given. After your mani, relax as you enjoy a hand massage with a nutrient rich moisturizing cream, and then a warm wax bath to create a soothing layered wax glove. This process is very hydrating. Our delicate peach scented paraffin replenishes the skins optimum moisturizing levels for long lasting hydration, thanks to Vitamin E and Peach Oil. Formulated with Avocado Oil and Monoi Oil of Tahiti to improve the elasticity and smoothness of the skin. When finished, your hands will feel amazingly soft! Before you swim away, we finish with a perfect polish.



mermaid-pediMermaid Pedi- AED 175

Calling all sirens of the sea! Feet are soaked in mermaid water filled with caviar and clam shell pearls, specially formulated to promote moisture- the look and feel of this soak is sure to surprise and delight you. Next, a signature pedi is given. Special attention is paid to expholiation of the scales and calluses, with marine salts. Relax on your throne as queen of the sea, as your therapist massages your feet with a hydrating rich lotion, and then dips them into a warm wax bath to create a soothing layered wax sock. We wrap your feet in cotton, and place them into a warm and cozy mermaid tail blanket- which magically transforms you into a gorgeous mermaid (selfie time!). This process is very hydrating- our paraffin wax contains energizing and stimulating powers provided by ginger and thyme essential oils, as well as tea tree oil. When finished, your feet will feel amazingly soft! We finish with a perfect polish.


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