Hair Treatments

Hair Treatments
As the hair salon Dubai locals trust, we only offer the best hair treatments. Take your pick from our impressive range of treatments for your mane below.

Macadamia Hair Treatment

Rebuild your hair.
Macadamia deep repair treatment penetrates deep into the center of your hair to rebuild and improve the health of your hair. This treatment is fabulous for all types of hair, especially course dry and color treated hair.

Macadamia deep repair treatment gets best results when done twice weekly. It is applied to clean towel dried hair for 5 mins, heat is NOT used for this treatment.

Short Medium Long X Long
Macadamia Hair Treatment Without Blowdry 100 AED 100 AED 100 AED 125 AED
Macadamia Hair Treatment with(Cut or Color or Blowdry) Add-On 85 AED 85 AED 85 AED 110 AED

Hair Repair Treatments

Break up with breakage

Hair repair helps strengthen and rebuild your hair and adds a boost of protein. This treatment is best for people that do a lot of bleaching or have a lot of breakage. This power packed treatment helps restore elasticity, rebuilds inner strength and leaves your hair stronger and shinier.

This Hair Repair treatment can be done weekly. It is worked through clean towel dried hair and left to be absorbed for 5 mins. Heat is NOT used for this treatment.

Short Medium Long X Long
Hair Repair Treatment Without Blowdry 100 AED 100 AED 125 AED 125 AED
Hair repair treatment With (Cut or Color or Blowdry) Add-On 85 AED 85 AED 110 AED 110 AED


Macadamia Nut Extract Color Infusion AED 20

We expertly mix this into your color formulation to enhance moisture levels and shine while color processes.

Detox Treatment AED 50

You may be experiencing build-up if your hair is dull and lifeless. This could be due to many factors including chlorine, seawater, tap water, and hair products. Our deep cleansing treatment gently removes build-up and brings back moisture and shine.

Gloss Treatment

This is a semi-permanent clear cellophane color. It locks in color and seals the hair cuticle. Hair will be glossy and shiny, and the color will be vibrant.

Short Medium Long X Long
Gloss Treatment Without Blowdry 150 AED 150 AED 160 AED 160 AED
Gloss Treatment with(Cut or Color or Blowdry) Add-On 135 AED 135 AED 145 AED 145 AED


Vitamino treatment

The Vitamino hair treatment is a 2-part treatment designed to extend the life of your colored hair. It is good for all types of colored hair (highlights, full colors and Balayage). UV filters will help prevent color from fading, while neohespiridin (antioxidant) and tocopherol & panthenol (hair protectant) will help strengthen and restructure the hair from the inside. Your hair will feel softer and look shinier.

Short Medium Long X Long
Vitamino Treatment Without Blowdry 150 AED 175 AED 205 AED 225 AED
Vitamino Treatment with(Cut or Color or Blowdry) Add-on 135 AED 160 AED 190 AED 210 AED


Absolute Treatment

The Absolute treatment is a 2-part treatment that will help repair the effects of chemical and heat damage. It will rehydrate and rebuild your hair with Neofibirine and bio mimetic ceramide.

So, if you love your flat irons or those supper light blonde highlights, fear not, this will help repair the damage inflicted upon your hair. Your hair will be shiny and soft – you’ll look and feel fabulous.

Short Medium Long X Long
Absolute Treatment Without Blowdry 150 AED 175 AED 205 AED 225 AED
Absolute Treatment with(Cut or Color or Blowdry) Add-On 135 AED 160 AED 190 AED 210 AED


Pro Fiber Treatment

All hair deserves a personalized treatment and with the pro fiber treatment, that is exactly what you will get. Your hair will be analyzed by our stylist who will determine what type of treatment is best for you.

These days, we put our hair through so much, like heat styling, chemical services, and then the environment also puts our hair through its paces. Pro Fiber is here to save the day for our damaged hair, the treatment starts by internally repairing your hair adding all that has been lost. The 3-part treatment resurfaces and strengthens the outside to make your hair stronger than ever. Your hair will feel brighter, softer and smoother.

Treatment takes 30-45 mins depending on your hair length, and heat is NOT used for this service.

Short Medium Long X Long
Profiber Treatment Without Blowdry 150 AED 175 AED 225 AED 250 AED
Profiber Treatment with(Cut or Color or Blowdry) Add-On 135 AED 160 AED 210 AED 235 AED

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