HD Brows Regrowth Plan

HD Brows Regrowth Plan QR 150
Please allow 30 Minutes

You want the HD Brow look, but your brows are not quite ready to receive the HD Brows service. We have a plan for you to get those brows ready! Perhaps you suffer from sparse hair, or slow brow regrowth due to over-plucking/threading/waxing or perhaps from aging, hormonal imbalances, medications, etc. Our brow expert will put you on a HD Brows regrowth plan, to grow and prepare your brows for your next HD Brows appointment! This appointment will include a brow tint, waxing, a ultrasonic vibe treatment which stimulates brows and encourages brow growth, home regrowth advice and tips, and a eye and brow serum.

We recommend at least 2 to 6 sessions for best results.