Sea Monster Pedi

We are proud to introduce our Rainbow manicure and pedicure collection- this is just for cheeky grown-ups, who are young at heart. Take a break from “adulting,” and release your inner child.
Inspired by favorite fairy tales, retro toys, and nostalgic childhood memories.
This collection takes your mani and pedi experience to a whole new level. Each are a unique experience you will never forget- a celebration of whimsical fun.
This extravaganza of manis and pedis might be quirky and playful but they pack some seriously strong beauty benefits.
All of our rainbow manis and pedis are safe, nontoxic, no harmful chemicals are used, 100% biodegradable, not tested on animals and environmentally safe. 


The Sea Monster Pedi- OMR 14
The legend of the sea has taken over your foot bath. This is a thrilling pedicure adventure of sights, sounds, scents….and textures. Sit back and enjoy the show. Your feet are first soaked in green sea monster slime to heat, soften and relax your feet. Next the mythical marine dragon causes the water to snap and sizzle, as he swims in your water and unleashes his firey breath. SNAP! CRACKLE! POP! WHIZ! BANG! FIZZ! Next, as the sounds start to fade, the water around your feet explode in a rainbow of colors. Finally, the sea monster starts to calm down (such a moody thing). Inhale deeply relaxing scents as you are treated to a green mask which contains soothing elements, intense moisturizers and rich anti-oxidants. Finish with a perfect polish.

Are you ready to glow?

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