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Meet Michelle

Creative Events Coordinator

Recently, Michelle got a life changing phone call (the kind of phone call most stylists only dream about) she was invited to New York Fashion Week to work as a stylist.

Michelle is one of the most ambitious and energetic people you will ever meet. In fact, Michelle is responsible for making this team a reality! It was her idea to approach Owner, Hillary Kozma, and present the idea founding a Creative Team – which of course, Hillary loved! And tah-dah… the Creative Team was born.

As Creative Events Coordinator, Michelle’s job role is to get the team opportunities for catwalks, events and editorial work. “My job is to liaison with potential clients and build a healthy relationship with them, so they trust us and want to work with us in the future. I also collaborate with other business in a way that will benefit us and market glow. I explore new ways of getting our name out there and reach out to any possible leads. I work alongside Amber, Team Leader, to help her get the things she needs in order to make her vision happen.”

Michelle is most inspired by the stylists she works with on a every day basis, in the salon. She loves learning new techniques from them- with the international team that works at Glow, everyone brings something a bit different and special that she can learn from. “I never get tired of my job. Being a hairstylist you get to use your imagination and be creative. My inspiration is a man I was lucky enough to shadow for some time. Jon Mort was once High Fashion Chief Hair and Makeup Artist for Versace. He has also worked with other top brands including Dolce and Gabbana and all top models. Jon is very creative and passionate not only about his job but also about teaching the next up and coming generation. I inspire to be like him one day and I hope our team can help pass on our knowledge.”

Nothing phases Michelle, and the bigger the project, the better. Lazy is never a word you could associate with Michelle! She is always moving, always thinking, always doing. “The creative team means a lot to me, it’s my ultimate dream. To be able to work alongside such a group of talented stylists makes the experience even better. I am very passionate about my job and I know one day Glow Creative Team will be one of the most known and respected brands not only in the gulf but further.”

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