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Meet Louise

Lead Creative Colorist

Louise’s role as Lead Creative Colorist involves researching the latest color trends before the emerge, experimenting with color placement techniques and formulas – perfecting them and then introducing them to her clients and the team both visually, and practically.

Louise also loves to create her own trends. She looks for inspiration whether it be textiles, fashion, cultures, fashion weeks, fashion magazines, etc and loves to infuse them into something new and different that no one has seen. She loves working alongside the Creative Team during events such as photos shoots as well as in the salon offering advice to clients. She loves to bounce ideas off of other stylists to gain their opinions and feedback “as colorists, we never stop learning!”

She adores many industry legends from Sassoon to more recently, Eugene Souliman. She also pays close attention to pop-cultures and how they evolve and influence media, music, fashion and ultimately-hair. “My passion comes from within, having the ability to visualize what the end result will be and seeing the satisfaction on my clients face or on a shoot when the teams faces light up when the end result comes together- this is an awesome feeling. My passion comes from never being complacent always wanting to do better, and to learn.” Louise’s favorite thing about color? She says “nothing is impossible”. “Anything is achievable colorwise, with the right TLC. I absolutely adore a challenge. Recently, I have been working on a number of hair shoots where I have been formulating colors that even I was anxious to see the results of… but the results turned out amazing! The best part of coloring is mixing, formulating and unlike painting and immediately seeing the result- the anticipation during the development time and being wowed by results. “I hope to bring the up and coming seasonal trends to Qatar and the Middle East, we are a fast growing industry here and rather than looking to Europe or the States for inspiration, I want people here to be able to look to Glow for the newest trends.”

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