Steam & Deep Treatment


Your curls deserve a treat. Book in for a Steam & Deep Treatment.


Curls feeling dry, dull and frizzy? Not to worry! We have the solution.


A steam & deep treatment really helps to soften hair! Helps with de-tangling, hydration levels, repairing damage and giving your curls a boost of nourishment. During your treatment, we will apply a deep treatment mask after gently cleansing your hair. This deep treatment mask combined with the use of steam helps your curls to absorb nourishment and moisture deep within the hair shaft while the cuticle is open. An absolute miracle worker! Hair will be more manageable, shiny and healthy as a result. All curl types benefit.


Steam & Hydrate Treatment

(Does not include Styling)

QAR 95
Steam & Hydrate Treatment & Kozma Curl Style QAR 245
Steam & Hydrate Treatment & Kozma Curl Style Lesson QAR 265


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