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Amber is originally from the U.K.
You will just love this “spark’ of energy and passion! Amber is not a “get the job done just to collect the paycheck” sort of stylist. she truly love what she does, and it shows. Visit her for a new look, or a hair up style (she is fantastic at up­ do’s) and we are sure that the spark of creativity will set fire.
Here is a quote from Amber. as she talked about her career for her biography: ‘We are hair doctors. hair stylists, therapists, and everything in between. Whoever said ‘diamonds are a girl’s best friend’ have clearly never sat in my chair…. or visited Kozma and kozma
Amber credits her career   path to her mum. From an early age, Amber was encouraged by her mother, to pursue her that she should do what she loves, and loves what she does.
Amber became a hairdresser, and loves it, thanks to her inspirational Mother. Amber began her career in 2006,4 days after finishing high school and bagged herself a job in the trendiest, most up to date salon in her area.
Amber has traveled to Hawaii, L.A… parts of Canada, and Europe. The different cultures and lifestyles enlightened
Amber’s perspective on the world, and on hair.
One of the things you will immediately notice and appreciate about Amber, is her strength in communication. She prides herself as being extremely confident in client communication and consultation. She believes this is the backbone in her job and having a good understanding of her client allows her to help the client achieve their hair dreams.
Amber is up to date, and modern in her approach to hair. She can often be found browsing through the latest edition of Vogue, on a search for hair and upcoming styles. With a keen eye for fashion and her ability to spot key trends before they explode onto the scene makes her unique.
She loves to hear the magic words “do whatever you like’. Of course, she always puts her client’s needs and wishes first, but given the opportunity to just “go for it”, she will take it And with a knack for knowing exactly what would suite a client, why not? “I am obsessed with session styling, the freedom to let one’s creativity shine through is something I am extremely passionate about. Let me put up your hair for a occasion or a night out… up is the new down” said
Amber passionately when asked about getting creative.
Amber maybe serious about hair, but her self-proclaimed “cheeky and fun personality” will definitely put you at ease throughout the process.
She has trained with colour houses such as TIGI, Alfapharf, and Paul Mitchell, to name a few. And has participated in many advanced classes for cutting, blondes, product knowledge, color, and long hair.
Amber is eager to throw herself in to her work at Kozmaandkozma, and to meet you…. Come see her for a free consultation soon!

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