Brazilian Blowout Split Ends Treatment

brazilian blowout split endsBrazilian Blowout Split Ends Treatment

What are the benefits of this treatment?
The Thermo-Marine bonding system is a heat-activated, protein enriched technology that instantly gathers together and binds together broken and split ends, while the super nutrient complex smooths the cuticle. The result is stronger, healthier, protected ends which are defended against heat styling, hot tools and environmental stress. Chemically treated and highlighted/bleached hair are wonderful candidates for this service. Anyone can benefit from this service, but especially those who have fragile, over-processed ends. It also helps hair to grow longer, as it keeps ends fresh and healthy.

How does this differ from at-home conditioning treatments?
Generally, at-home treatments provide a temporary conditioning and protective effect which last from shampoo to shampoo, and sometimes not even that. Whereas the Brazilian Blowout Split Ends treatment provides up to 4 weeks of healthier ends protected against further breakage.

What is the difference between this and the regular Brazilian Blowout?
The Brazilian Blowout Split Ends Treatment is a service that is only performed on the ends of the hair, to instantly repair, mend and seal broken and split ends for up to 4 weeks. The regular Brazilian Blowout service smooth’s, eliminates frizz and improves the shine and health of the hair from roots to tips for up to 12 weeks.

Can I receive both the regular Brazilian Blowout and the Split Ends treatment in one day?
Yes. In fact, if you have fragile ends that need special attention, it would be ideal to opt for both treatments. You would benefit from both the smoothing action of the regular Brazilian Blowout, and the protection and repair work from the Split Ends treatment. Whats more, the Split Ends treatment is excellent for maintaining strong, healthy ends between your regular Brazilian Blowout smoothing treatments.

Please note that this service does not include products. We do highly suggest you take home the Brazilian Blowout Shampoo, Conditioner and Mask to maintain your result.

Short Medium Long X Long
BBO Split Ends without Blow dry AED 100 AED 125 AED 150 AED 175

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