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Meet Amber

Creative Team Leader

Amber is Creative Team Leader, and this requires her to lead in all things creative.

She is responsible for all creative mood boards and concepts. Her contribution is vast, and immeasurable as Team Leader. Not only does she stay on top of new trends, she thinks of how to incorporate these into all aspects of what we do at our salon- from everyday salon work to high fashion photo shoots and events. She explores new and creative ways to educate and inspire the team of stylists around her. She loves to push creative boundaries and leaves a little signature “Amber touch” which is a detail that makes a look totally unique and amazing.

Her inspiration comes from legends within our industry – she studies them and pulls inspiration from their creations. She admires the work of Any Lecompte and his team. Her passion is driven from results of hard work. “Every time I see my work being photographed or walking down a catwalk it feeds my passion and I become more and more addicted to that feeling. Its indescribable the feeling it gives me.”

Award winning work – Amber won Mode Training ltd hair show three consecutive years in a row. Her work was displayed at St. James cathedral in England as part of a cultural exhibition, and she has had extensive cut, color and styling training, which continues to be on-going.

Photo shoots, catwalks and hair events are definitely her favorite thing under the sun. Amber is someone the entire team looks to, if they are puzzled about a look or need help with organization, or a push in the right direction. During shoots, Amber’s name is often ringing out from all directions as the members of the Creative Team seek out her opinion and expertise.

Amber has the magic touch to make things melt into perfect harmony. And the cherry on top- her enthusiasm, positive energy, and her love for having fun makes her an absolute joy to be around. She can do high-end professional work while at the same time laughing, dancing, and even throwing out a few funny jokes- and having a good time.

As Creative Team Leader, this keeps everyone else on a shoot, project or event calm and happy- including the models she is working on. “This is my absolute dream to be on this team. It is where my true passion lies. When I’m on a shoot set, I feel most alive. I love working with my team and I feel that together we can create anything we want to. We all inspire each other and I feel we work to our best when together. I won’t be fully satisfied until I see my work in Vogue or walking down a red carpet in Hollywood! Big dreamer!”

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