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Meet Louise

Allow us to introduce you to Louise. Louise Joins us all the way from Ireland. We are super excited about this brand-new addition to our team. You will Love Louise and her professional, warm personality.

Louise found creative inspiration at an early age as she comes from an artistic family. Her farther is an artistic sculptor and her Mother is a very strong woman who has a hard-working mindset. Her mother and Farther are her biggest inspirations and have always encouraged Louise to follow her dreams and work hard to achieve them.

Louise began her career in 2004 and since then has gained a wealth of knowledge surrounding this industry. She has spent the past 15 years dedicated to this profession and has some major education under her belt. She has extensive experience with some of the biggest color houses on the planet. Redken, Loreal, Wella and Joico to name a few. Louise gained a wide range of skills and techniques working with such a variety of companies.

Extensive global travel to places like New York and London have inspired Louise with their diverse fashion trends and  cultures. This is something that she proudly projects into her creative work.

The most important mindset Louise has is that her client’s always come first. She is a great listener and you will always have her full attention during your time with her. The most rewarding thing about her job is seeing the visions come to life and the look on her client’s faces.

‘’When my client has a vision and we work together to bring it to life, it gives me such a rewarding sense of accomplishment. My attention to detail is impeccable and I really take pride in this. The difference between something good and something amazing is always in the details. I am creative and do not shy away from anything out of my comfort zone.’’

Louise has a huge passion for cooking. She is a keen writer and loves to write about cooking and all things healthy. She also loves to socialize with friends, motivational speaking and inspiring others.

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