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Meet Kat

Kat began her career in 2012 and found inspiration from her first boss who had taught Kat and showed her the ropes. Kat worked under her, gaining all the knowledge she could until she got the opportunity to work on the cruise ships.

Kat joined the Royal Caribbean cruise liners and worked in the spa as a top stylist for 2 years. This allowed Kat to see the world and gain great experience working with all different hair textures. During this time Kat travelled to some pretty cool destinations, Australia and the far east to name a few. Working with all hair types has given Kat the confidence and experience to not shy away from any texture or style.

When designing hair, Kat looks to celebrities and fashion for inspiration. She is extremely passionate about this industry and this shows. Everything Kat does is with love.

Kat has worked hard over the years to gain as much education as possible. She has attended courses with Sak’s, loreal academy and Steiner. Kat also has a loreal color degree under her belt. Pretty impressive hey.

Kat is bubbly, friendly and extremely passionate. She is a great listener and believes that this is the key to a successful hair appointment.

“I am sincere with everything I do. I believe in creating a trustworthy relationship with my client’s and I really listen to my client’s needs. This is a fundamental part of my service, to achieve the best possible results’’

Kat is a creative stylist and loves cutting razor sharp precision cuts, chic pixies and classic bobs. She takes pride in everything she does, she feels a great sense of fulfillment when she sees the delight on her client’s face. She also loves to transform every day hair into a formal hair up for your special occasion.

Kat is a Kozma curl specialist and has undergone extensive Kozma 101 curl training. This is something Kat is extremely passionate about and she loves it when a curly client sits in her chair.

In her spare time, you can find Kat taking her dog for walks at the park, hanging out with friends or relaxing on a beach.

Visit Kat now at our Lagoon location and I am sure you will love her just as much as we do!

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