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Meet Yasmin

Say hello to Yasmin, originally from the UK. Yasmin started her hairdressing career in 2016 as a Saturday girl and worked her way up to Style Director at her previous salon.

From the runways in Barcelona to the changes in seasons, she pulls her inspiration for her work from all around her, from the bright cool blondes to the autumnal colors of rich warm vibrant reds she can create any color you can imagine. “I like to customize everything I do to suit my guests look, I want every guest to look in the mirror and have the WOW factor!”

When you visit Yasmin, prepare for more than ‘Just a Hairdresser’ “relationship building. Says Yasmin; “The energy and communication between myself and my guest is vital, I love creating a secure trusting and warm environment allowing my guests to feel at ease… after all your hair it is the crown you never take off”

When she isn’t at the salon making everyone look and feel fabulous you will find Yasmin, doing triathlons or anything that gets her adrenalin pumping!

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