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Meet Julia

Julia is originally from the UK, but has been living the gulf region for over 5 years.

Her career started in 2004, in the UK. She chose a very well established salon to start her apprenticeship at, because of their high standards in stylists and education. After her two year apprenticeship, she was sent to London for an intensive finishing course at Vidal Sassoon for four weeks.

She credits a lot to her mentor who is a very established stylist in the hair industry, she was trained at vidal sasoon in London, and she has also participated in Milan and London fashion week, and runs her own courses through L’Oreal. Julia said “I have to thank her for the skills and techniques that she taught me, and it’s because of those skills I have such a high standard of hairdressing and client care.”

She was a regional finalist in L’Oreal Color Trophic Awards 2012, and also in the Wella Trend Vision 2010. She gets the biggest rush doing hair on stage in front of 400+ people!

She trained in London with Vidal Sassoon, Wella advanced colour and cutting courses, L’Oreal advanced and basic color and cutting courses, Brooks and Brooks in salon tailor made training, Vidal Sassoon in house tailor made training, all of these courses were carried out in the UK: London, Manchester and Leeds.

Julia has also undergone intensive in house training from Kozma & Kozma in our specialist and unique services especially for curly hair, she is passionate and confident about all aspects of cutting, coloring and styling all of the seven different curl types!

Julia also did a course called the fantastic hairdresser by Alan Austin- Smith, he was previously a Vidal Sassoon based hairdresser who moved away from the technical training and only trains in other hairdressing related subjects, i.e. communication, confidence, motivation and customer delight, this was a one year course and has made the biggest impact on her customer service skills and the way she conducts herself at work. She believes in constantly updating her education.

She started her career in the gulf working in Kuwait for two years, and then moved on to join our fabulous team in Qatar, she then progressed and moved onto becoming our Hair department supervisor in UAE! She adores working in the region and can’t wait to build up her own following here in UAE, We don’t see this taking long. Julia has a stunning set of skills!

When she first moved to Kuwait, Julia wasn’t sure what to expect. She thought maybe she would just be doing basic hair- mainly dark, long hair. But she was pleasantly mistaken! Being in Kuwait allowed her to be even more creative, and was doing more advanced, exciting hair than she was back home in the UK. Her days were filled with lots of short, sharp geometric cuts, and lots of funky colors. This has expanded her skills to work with any and all clients, with all kinds of hair textures.

Throughout her life, she has traveled to many countries. Her family is sprinkled all over the globe, so she is a well-seasoned traveler. Different cultures have always influenced her work.

Julia feels her biggest personal attribute is to find out what you really want from your hair, listening is the most important, but she is very observant as well, paying attention to details such as styles and colors clients gravitate towards, clothes, shapes they like, and body language. She wants to get to know you, as she is known for saying “your hair is your crown” and she wants to find the crown that fits you best. “The jewel in the crown is that which makes the clients best features pop.”

Some might call it obsession, and some might call it passion. Call it what you like, but Julia is one dedicated stylist. “I live, sleep, and eat all aspects of hairdressing. I am a perfectionist and I am very meticulous with my work. ”

And her clients are no exception to her passion “To me, a client is more than just a head of hair, or a way to make money. I want to get to know my client inside and out. That is what I enjoy more than anything else. And my clients trust me because of this. They know when they come to me, they will not just get a great cut and color- they know they are visiting a friend who cares.”

If you visit Julia once for your hair, you are sure to return to her again and again. We are confident you will love her electric and friendly personality. She loves to make everyone around her feel at ease and comfortable. She looks forward to melting your troubles away with a relaxing head massage, and a big smile on your face when you walk out of the salon in love with your hair. She looks forward to seeing you soon

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