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Meet Jessica

Meet Jessica, originally from Canada. Hairdressing since 2008 it wouldn’t be an understatement to say that she lives, eats and breaths everything to do with hair! Even whilst on social media Jessica finds herself becoming creatively inspired by all of the different techniques used around the globe. Jessica is a huge believer in constantly being innovative and learning, and that is one of the things that she loves about this amazing industry, “no two appointments are the same, there is always room for education and advancing your techniques”

Truly personable, positive and genuine Jessica is a stylist that will put you at ease immediately when you sit in her chair, she really cares about her guests and finds it of the upmost importance to go into detail to find out exactly what will work for you and how to achieve your hair goals! Jessica is a blonde expert (as well many of her other fabulous skills), “I love creating beautiful eye-catching blondes , soft natural baliyage. I have also really enjoyed learning the Kozma and Kozma Curl method- the results are life changing for both myself and my customers!”

When not busy creating magic at our salon, you will find Jessica soaking up outdoors, doing yoga and getting stuck into a good book.

Jessica looks forward to meeting every new face that comes to her chair and creating something beautiful with your hair.

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