Feather Locks

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The feather locks hair extensions Dubai’s Kozma & Kozma offers are a beautiful, fast, fabulous way to add a unique little something to your hair.

These special hair extensions are actual feathers available in an array of colors. We use a premium quality brand of feather, which is absolutely cruelty-free. We also use silicone bead technology that does not damage hair.

Feather locks are durable against different kinds of styling. They can be washed, dried, flat ironed or curled.

They are available in lengths 8-16 inches and we can cut them just like hair.

Cost of Feather Locks Hair Extensions In Dubai

All Below Pricing Excluding Vat

Originals AED 55 per feather
Beads AED 10 per feather
                                                                                                                           Fats AED 70 per feather


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