Braids & Unicorn Braids

32b8ae9ae66d0c6682c1aff49889e134[1]Braid Style

Welcome to the Braid Parade! The options are endless.
Some say Braids are the new blowout. A great way to make a statement that says “I tried. But not too hard.”

Try a wet braid (with a bit of macadamia nut oil as a leave-in treatment), or a dry braid.

For a bit of interest, try adding a ribbon or a feather.

Traditional braids, or braids with a twist- never go out of style.

We can do anything, ask us for a suggestion: casual messy side braids, loose french braids, beautiful fish tails, whimsical milkmaid braids, chic head band braids, Boho Braid (small braid framing your face) or customize your own braid.

All Below Pricing Excluding Vat

15 minutes AED 75

  30 minutes AED 150

  45 minutes AED 225

  60 minutes AED 300

unicorn braidStand out from the crowd with your own super sparkly and glittery Unicorn Braid! Unicorn braids come in MANY different colors (gold, silver, pink, blue, holographic, red, purple, bronze and more) and can be applied to any braid design you like!

Perfect for music festivals, nights out, hen parties, red carpet, events, parties, new years eve, birthdays, holidays and any time you and your friends want to feel special and unique.

Unicorn Braid 15 Minutes – AED 60

Unicorn Braid 30 Minutes – AED 120

Unicorn Braid 45 Minutes – AED 180

Are you ready to glow?

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