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Meet Nemo

Nemo is originally from Lebanon

A stylist since 1997, Nemo has had extensive training with western hair. She has worked in top salons in Lebanon and Dubai, before coming to Doha to join Glow’s team.

Client’s who have visited Nemo’s chair for their hair have crowned her with the nickname “Magic hands” for her finishing work of blow-dry styles.

Her color is certainly sensational, as well. Her work is a reflection of the fact that she has experience and training with all hair types from the light, fine European hair, to the thick, dark and course Arabic hair, and everything in-between. She knows how to bring out the best in everyone.

With a combination of a spicy personality, yet a calm and relaxed approach, attention to detail combined with technical ability, a flair for making you look your best, a contagious smile, and those magic hands… Nemo makes her clients shine bright!

In addition- she is an up-style artist! If you have a formal event, are going out on the town, or even just want your hair whipped up for fun- you ought to try her. You may not remember the last time you felt so glamorous, Nemo is phenomenal with up-hair.

One visit, and we are quite certain you will be thanking your lucky stars for Finding Nemo.
When not at Glow, Nemo enjoys B.B.Q’s on the beach, baking (and eating) chocolate cake, socializing, watching action flicks at the theatre.

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