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Meet Monika

Monika is originally from Lithuania.

A stylist since 2007, Monique started her career in Lithuania. She dreamed of living and working in Milan and London- two of her favorite fashion capitols. She made her dream come true and worked in a high end salon in Milan, Italy. She later went on to work as a senior stylist at the Aveda Salon in Rome. Finally, she made her way to London and worked there, soaking up as much fashion and culture as possible.Her time spent in Italy and the UK greatly influenced her hairdressing. She loves being surrounded by multicultural clients, and working with different types of hair.

Monika is so deeply passionate about immersing herself in different cultures, she speaks an eclectic mix of laungages- Lithuanian of course, which is her mother tongue, but is also fluent in English, Italian, and Russian. She is scholastic in Spanish and German as well.

She specializes in Cutting, Coloring, Styling and Hair up.

One of the first things that will catch your eye about Monique is her funky persona. And one of the things that will keep you coming back for more is her creativity and artistry, which just comes so naturally to her. At the risk of sounding like we are bragging, (there is no subtle way to put this) Monika is a creative genius.

And it gets better-Monika is devoted to her clients, giving them her full attention while she is doing their hair. She wants potential clients to know that working from the heart sets her apart from other hairdressers- she puts her heart into everything she does, and never does anything half way. “I love the entire process of doing my client- from the beginning until the end. I feel joy when my client is happy. Hairdressers are important to humanity. We give confidence, happiness- we make a difference.” says Monika.

When Monika is not at Glow, she enjoys watching best director’s films in the original language, learning languages, visiting exhibitions at museums, going to parks, meeting up with friends.

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