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Meet Jennifer

Jennifer is originally from Canada.

Her career started in 2008, Quebec, Canada.

She is bilingual in spoken and written French and English.

Although able to cater to any client, she has always been extremely inspired by 1950’s fashion. She loves creating styles from the past, and putting a modern twist to them. She loves Marilyn Monroe, Jean Harlow, Audrey Hepburn and Brigitte Bardot.

When asked what sets her apart from other stylists, she says “Communication. I listen to my clients needs, problems they are experiencing and what they want from the end result. I not only make them feel and look beautiful but I also educate them on how they can maintain easy manageable beautiful hair. Some hairdressers operate under the assumption that people are things or possessions and treat them as if they own them, when in reality I believe that we are offering a service to a person and every person is unique. A client visiting me for their hair is a privilege, I treat it as such.”

Jennifer makes it a priority to continue her education and has attended most of the big hair conventions in Montreal, and Quebec, Canada such as the ABA. She also takes many advanced skill and knowledge color, texturizing and cutting classes. In 2013 she went to the Steiner Academy in London, to pursue her dream of doing hair while traveling on a Steiner International cruise ship. Its important, she says, to take at least 2 advanced courses a year- one in the spring, and one in the fall, to keep up with the latest styles and trends.

Learning should never stop, no matter where we are in our careers. The moment the learning stops is the moment a stylist gets stale. Working with hairdressers from all over the world has widened her perspective on hair. “I love watching others techniques. I love pushing myself to become better, and gaining tid-bits of knowledge from other stylists”.

Jennifer’s joy when doing hair comes from the smile on her clients face, and says there is no better feeling.

Hairdressing is so much more than the final result. While we want the final result to be flawless, the whole experience leading up to it has to be pretty amazing too. “The personality of a stylist, the flow of the appointment and the ability to make each customer feel special, is super important” says Jennifer. “Some hairdressers have amazing personality traits and interpersonal skills but are not strong doing hair, others are amazing hairdressers but have zero interpersonal skills. It takes a special kind of person to give both- amazing hair, and an amazing experience, and I believe I am one of those people.”

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