Minx Nail Art

Minx Nails for the Fingers QR 100
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Minx Nails for the Toes QR 100
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A cool and glam new way to let women extend fashion to their very fingertips, imagine a gold flash of metallic fingernail as you beckon the brunch waiter…

The sparkling snakeskin detail on the nails as you warmly grasp the last Alexander McQueen dress on sale…

The perky glint of cheetah print wrapped around a smoothie.

Minx comes in tons of different photo quality designs customized to suit any personality, any mood, and any whim!

Imagine being able to flaunt shiny metallic gold or silver nails, cheetah patterns, hounds tooth patterns, plaid, skulls, polka-dot’s, denim, metallic pinks and reds, lace, snakeskin, zebra stripes, sparkly funky patterns…



Are you ready to glow?

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