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Creative Events Coordinator

As Creative Events Coordinator, Hayley does the foundation work so the whole team can release their creative talents. “I promote the Glow Creative Team to all types of high end businesses and organizations for a variety of events, photo shoots, and editorial collaborations. I liaise with existing and future clients to make sure the team works together to develop ideas, incorporate needs and reach above all expectations. I also market the whole Glow family.” She is responsible for the production of all events from conception through to completion, ensuring a smooth and successful event, through efficient planning.

As a Glow Brand Ambassador, Hayley organizes in-house events, external events, shoots and of course welcomes all types of visitors to the salon – brand representatives, talented individuals from within the industry, fashion designers wanting to collaborate with our team and educators from all over the world passionate about sharing their knowledge with our team.

“I also work closely with the Glow American Salon owners to make sure their vision for this amazing company is being realized every single day. I’m inspired by so many parts of my life- my family, friends and the incredibly talented ladies I work with every day- these ladies have become my second family in the Middle East. In the world of hair there are so many creative inspirations that will always be a light in the dark for any hairdresser like Vidal Sassoon, they are always moving us all forward. I really love adventurous stylists like Antoinette Beenders… her session images are just FABULOUS, she has such a talent for establishing trends. I find inspiration from every were and sometime even in places that surprise myself. The desire to exceed expectations is my biggest driving force in every area of my life. I love it when I can take on an idea of my own or someone else’s and can watch it develop and grow into a perfect creation that is beyond what anyone had first imagined. My first love will always be to hairdressing, and working with my beautiful clients- this is my passion as I love to chat, meet new people, learn and be creative. Finding new ways to express myself and learning new tricks and techniques is another big driving force in my career.  I have 12 years’ experience within the industry and have been a part of different creative teams in England, taking part in photo shoots, national and international competitions. I have attended many educational classes held by industry leading stylist internationally. This helps keep me up to date and knowledgeable on future trend and techniques. I love working with Glow in such a multinational country, being able to have such a diverse job and work with different people from such different cultures makes my job even more inspirational. Thanks to the opportunity’s Glow has given me over the past years, I now have so much more to direct my creative ability’s into, my role as Hair Department Manager and my role in the Creative Team. This has given me a whole new area of passion within myself and my career has developed into something I am really proud of.”

Hayley is very practical who stays level headed and focused during any challenge, which is great when she works under pressure at any event the Creative Team is doing. She wears many different roles during the day which she constantly has to switch between: Hairdresser to her clients, Makeup Artist, Hair Department Manager at Lagoon, and a member of the Creative Team. “I love to be busy and you will never find me sitting on the back room shying away from any challenge.” When asked who else has a influence on her, she said: “working with celebrity stylist Lee Stafford and being able to watch how he works and gain insight in to how he stays motivated was a big push for me. Meeting with award winning and Global Creative Director Antoinette Beenders was probably one of my favorite and most inspiring experiences. Meeting other passionate women in this industry that understand what you are striving for because they have been there themselves makes my (sometimes what seem unrealistic) goals perfectly accessible. Being able to work so closely with other remarkably creative people that understand why you are so passionate about what you do is one of the biggest joys about my job. I’m so proud of all we have accomplished so far together in our Creative Team, and I could not be more excited about what is to come… and what unrealistic and unimaginable things we will be creating together as Glow Creative Team. Watch this space, because the world of Hair and Fashion… we are coming for you and you will not be ready for what we will be creating. We are fabulous!

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