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‘Have you ever had that feeling when you love something so much that you eat, sleep and dream it? Through the art of hairdressing, i have come to understand this feeling’

Meet Lucy. All the way from England, Lucy joined the hair industry at the age of 15. Starting her career in barbering, Lucy spent her first years perfecting shapes, precision edges and facial structures.
You will instantly recognise Lucy from her unique sense of style and quirky persona, most of which is influenced by her keen interest in the fashion industry. Lucy draws a lot of inspiration from the world of fashion, Alexander McQueen being a firm favourite- ‘his Salaam fashion show blew my mind. From edgy darkness to sleek chic.’
The first influencer in Lucys career was the work and creative vision of legendary Vidal Sassoon. Lucy remembers the very first image that caught her attention. ‘Vidal Sassoon grabbed my attention for his 5 point bob on Mary Quant in 1964 for Vogue’. This is something that would ultimately ignite a spark of passion that still burns wild to this day.

Lucy has extensive experience in this industry. She has created looks for feature movies, Tv work, editorials and has taken part in behind the scenes styling for many fashion weeks including Paris, London and throughout the Middle East.
She has collaborated with high end fashion magazines from Vogue to Enigma.
Lucy has pushed her creativity over the years to develop wide skills in avant guard styling.
Lucy has extensive education form some of the industries top colour houses including Redkin, Sassoon and Loreal to name a few.
Despite having enormous love for unique, out of the ordinary styles, Lucy prides herself on the ability to adapt her skills to each individual client. A quote from lucy ‘i pride myself on adapting to every client from your superstar rockstar and powerful professional to your traditional grandmother and beach ready hipster. Your hair is your asset for yourself and the world to see. Its the most important accessory that you never leave home without. I strive endlessly to put everyday life into my clients needs and wants, giving them that easy to manage, personalised hair with a twist’.

Lucy is a keen traveller and a self proclaimed ‘modest adventurer’. She has been globe trotting through multiple countries absorbing different cultures, styles and languages along the way. Did we mention she’s fluent in Arabic?

Outside of the salon Lucy spends most of her time with her head in a book, learning about philosophy and the big world around her. She is also a fully trained black belt in Karate and has a keen interest in DJing.

You will just LOVE this fresh burst of energy.

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