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Meet Hollie

Meet Hollie. Originally from the UK, Hollie spent most of her life growing up in Saudi Arabia.

Hollie begun her career in 2004. It was a sure bet that Hollie would fall in love with this industry as she is a 3rd generation hairstylist. Surrounded by hairstylists growing up made Hollie interested in a career in Hair and it wasn’t long before she was hooked. Hollie was fortunate to be trained and work alongside her Aunty who had over 40 years of experience.

Hollies inspiration comes from close to home. She is inspired by the hair talent in her family, but she also gets her inspiration from her Mum & Dad.

“Their drive has always taught me to push and never give up. They are everything I could hope to grow up to be.”

Hollie has many years of experience and she is well educated from a vast variety of global hair giants- Loreal, Redken, Lanza and Goldwell to name only a few.

Hollie bagged herself a job in an award winning spa in Saudi Arabia. Here she worked as a senior stylist and focused on perfecting her skills. She gained lots of experience working with an international clientele and understanding different cultures and their relationship with hair. Did we mention she is fluent in Arabic?

Hollie describes herself as truthful, understanding and detail orientated. This really shows in the results of all styles Hollie creates. She is incredibly creative when it comes to hair color and her favorite thing is to transform a client’s hair with a total restyle- short pixies being her favorite!
As the wonderful Coco Chanel said ‘a woman who cut’s her hair is about to change her life’- a favorite quote for Hollie.

Hollie finds great fulfillment in making her clients look and feel wonderful.
“As hairstylists, we wear many different hats. We are a friend, confidante, therapist, life coach, the list goes on. We are there through good and bad. What we do is give people more than great hair; it’s giving people confidence, support and empowerment.”

Hollie loves to spend her personal time shopping, exploring new places and eating good food in great restaurants.

You will instantly recognize this fun ray of sun shine. She lights up the salon with her big smile, infectious laugh and ever-changing hair color! Come and visit Hollie soon at our Salwa Road branch.

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