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Meet Hillary

Owner/Managing Director/Creative Director

Hillary is originally from the beautiful State of Oregon, in the United States.

From the start, at the age when she could grasp a crayon, Hillary had a passion for creating art.

After graduating beauty school, Hillary was lucky enough to become a protégé of a brilliant hairdresser. She completed a one year intense apprenticeship with him. She loved hair cutting, and that was her focus. Her mentor taught Hillary precision haircutting, for the foundation of her skills, and later introduced trendier techniques which she could streamline together. To this day, Hillary continues to update her skills, looking for more ways to add more knowledge to her repertoire.

Today, Hillary enjoys being a devoted businesswoman and entrepreneur. She is passionate about her business. She, and her husband Mike together founded Kozma & Kozma in 2007, and together they work as a team and strive to constantly grow and improve the business.  Hillary has been named by the media a “pioneer in her field” for introducing new talents, concepts, philosophies, and techniques to the Middle East. Hillary is so proud that Kozma & Kozma is home to some extremely talented hair stylists, and her vision is to continue to collect talent from all over the world.

Most importantly, she genuinely cares for, and appreciates, her loyal clients. If it wasn’t for them, this dream would not be possible.
When not at Kozma & Kozma, Hillary enjoys spending time with her husband, riding horses, traveling and exploring foreign countries, and eating good food (usually her husband’s delicious creations!).

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