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Glow Salon Policies:

+ How do I book my appointments? Can I just walk in?

Glow is a by-appointment hair salon and beauty spa. Walk-ins are most certainly welcome, but not guaranteed an appointment.  For booking, please call us, or send us an email, or fill out a form on the Contact page. Or, you are welcome to pop in to any branch and visit our front desk. We will welcome you with a beverage and some chocolates!

+ What if I am running late?

Please call us and let us know you are running late. We understand that being late is sometimes unavoidable (Doha traffic can be quite bad!); however, depending on circumstances, your service time may have to be shortened or rescheduled to avoid inconveniencing the next scheduled guest. We often try to allow a grace period of 15 minutes whenever possible, but this is not guaranteed.

+ If I am in a hurry, can I rush things along?

We schedule adequate time for your requested appointment, but depending on your desired results, your timing may run over. We don’t like to rush or be rushed, so if time is critical to your schedule on a particular day, and you must leave at a certain time, please make us aware of this at the time of scheduling your appointment.

+ Do you make confirmation calls?

As a courtesy, we do try to call and confirm your appointments a business day prior to your appointment. However, if we are unable to call or reach you, please understand that it is your responsibility to remember your appointment dates and times to avoid late arrivals, missed appointments and the cancellation fee. To better serve you, we ask that you please informed of any contact number changes.

+ Can I bring children or babies?

Girls aged 12 years and up are welcome to receive services. We love children and babies. However, please no children and babies in the salon and spa. Chemicals, heat appliances, sharp razors and shears, bleach…our insurance policy says a salon is not a safe place for children, and our hands are tied. Also, our customers
come to relax and we would like to provide a relaxing environment. Again, for insurance reasons, safety, and the comfort of the other guests, children and babies will not be permitted. Thank-you for your understanding and your cooperation on this.

+ What is your hair pricing & may I visit for a consultation?

Quotes given by our receptionists are just an estimate. Prices could vary depending on individual stylists, on the coloring technique, amount of time, length of hair and amount of color and product used to create desired effect. Please feel welcome to come see us for a consultation before booking a hair appointment. Our hair stylists would love to see you for a chat and you may inquire about pricing during this time. Considering that all hair services are individually priced, you may request a total price this way, prior to receiving services. All hair services have a “built-in” amount of time for a consultation. However, if you would like to come at a time prior to the day of your service, you may. All consultations with our hairstylists are complimentary. Please book ahead for this appointment.

+ Can I make special requests?

It is our service standard to cater to every client’s needs and desires as much as possible. If you have any special requests, please let our Manager know before booking your appointment, and we will do our best to assist you.

+ What is your mobile use policy?

We ask that you please put mobile phones on vibrate or silent while visiting us, as to not disturb other clients who are trying to relax and un-wind. In the event you need to use your phone, we please request that you limit mobile use to the reception area. Please keep in mind it impossible for us to perform our services to the best of our ability while you are talking on your phone. Phone use during your appointment will result in us not being able to give you the quality service you deserve, and may cause us to run behind schedule as we wait for your conversation to end.

+ Are tips & gratuities expected?

Tips are completely optional, of course, and never expected! These may be left at the front desk, at your discretion, by cash or on your card. Please note, tips are not automatically included in our service prices. If you choose to leave a tip, thank you, we appreciate your kindness and generosity.

+ What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Cash, Visa Card, Master Card and Maestro.

+ What if your services did not meet my expectations? What if I have a complaint?

Our promise to you: If you are not delighted with your service, please notify management prior to leaving. We would like the opportunity to redo the service to your satisfaction. We require any complaints to be given within one week of the service. You may return to us within one week after the service was performed, and we will be happy to correct, or re-do the service. Please note we may require that you come in person to show us the condition of the complaint, before we book your re-do appointment. Please be aware that if you change your mind and want to come back to get a completely different cut or color than agreed upon during the consultation, or a different nail polish shade than you asked for, for example, this is not included in a re-do.

We have found that many people are uncomfortable with expressing dissatisfaction with a salon or beauty experience. For example, they may be afraid of being perceived as a nuisance or hurting the stylist’s or technician’s feelings. However, by holding back you are doing a disservice not only to yourself, but also to the stylist or therapist who loses out on the opportunity to learn from the mistake. In addition, dissatisfaction is often the result of simple miscommunication between the client and stylist or therapist, and the issue can be easily resolved once the stylist or therapist better understands your expectations. Therefore, please let us know about any problems by calling the front desk and asking to speak with a manager, who will happily rectify the situation.

Please note: Corrective color (corrective color means that you have had disappointing color else-where, or have done it yourself and you’d like us to fix it, or you are making a dramatic change in lightening your current color) usually requires more than one service to achieve desired results. Because of the nature of home coloring products and Henna hair coloring (we do not recommend using either of these), we cannot guarantee color services if the client has previously had color done outside of our salon.

Hair Questions:

+ My usual stylist at Glow isn’t available when I need my next appointment. The receptionist suggested I try someone else at Glow. Is this a big no-no?

It’s fine with us! We work together as a team. No one’s feelings will be hurt- trust us! Please feel free to try anyone. We share clients all of the time. While we all enjoy making personal, lasting relationships, we want to satisfy your busy schedule and desire for change. We would rather all know you and enjoy your company than just a single stylist. Of course, if you are more comfortable with one person, we are happy to service you as well.

+ Why does someone else other than my stylist sometimes wash and/or style my hair?

We do our best to schedule your entire appointment with the same service provider. Because we can be extremely booked, often the only way that we can accommodate your requested services is to schedule you with multiple people. In addition, we work as a team. If a team member needs assistance, someone will always volunteer to help out and make sure that your services are provided in the proper amount of time. To guarantee just one service provider, such as your senior stylist, its best to schedule at least 6 months of appointments before leaving.

+ I have curly and wavy hair. Can you help me?

Absolutely! We would love to see you for your curly and wavy hair! We just happen to be  curly hair experts, and we went all the way to NY to be trained! We approach curly hair in a very unique and revolutionary way- curls are cut in a very specialized method. Our approach to coloring curls is completely different than other hair textures- we have a special technique that brings out the best in your hair, curl by curl. We teach you how to style and care for your curly or wavy hair, just ask to book for a curly lesson. For more information on how we can help you love and celebrate your curls, just visit one of our stylists for a free consultation!

+ I have fine hair, and need a cut soon. Which stylist do you recommend?

Our entire team is western trained, skilled and experienced with fine, European hair. Any stylist you choose will be able to accommodate your hair type whether it is for a cut, or for color.

+ Can I bring my own hair color to my appointment?

We use professional hair color to create your own personalized formula. To guarantee your results, we need to use our own colors and products. The professional hair colors and products we use are tested extensively to ensure safety, quality, high concentration of pigments, and we know they are effective. Using colors coming in from the outside is unfortunately not something we do. If you have allergies, or concerns, please do speak with our Hair Manager and she will do her best to come up with a plan of action for you.

+ I’m coming in for an up do style. Should I wash my hair first?

Please refrain from washing your hair for 6 hours before your appointment. Natural oils give your hair “grip” for us to work with, and also more staying power. Hair that is freshly shampooed is often too soft for an updo. If you are concerned because you have oily hair, please feel free to contact us, and we will discuss the best plan of action. If you really insist on having your hair freshly shampooed, we charge separately for a shampoo/blowout and this needs to be booked in advance.

+ Is there anything I should do to prepare for my up do style?

Yes! Come wearing a button up top. That way, you do not disturb your finished look when by pulling a top over your head. Also, bringing in photos of up hair styles you found online or in a magazine is a good reference for us, to get an idea of what you are after.

+ When should I return for a haircut?

Three to four weeks is the recommended time frame to maintain the style, shape and health of your hair. Even if you are growing your hair out, “dusting” the ends will help prevent split ends.

+ My hair feels dry and lifeless. Why is that, and what can I do?

Consider trying our Detox treatment. Buildup from minerals in the water, and product buildup can cause hair to feel dull, and look matte. Our Detox treatment removes buildup to reveal shiny hair. You can also try our Deep Hydrating treatment for intense moisture. For home care products, refer to our stylists. They can help you choose a home-care regime for your hair.

+ How can I make my hair color last longer?

All hair color fades over time. This is due mainly to oxidization, washing hair, heated styling, and environmental elements such as sun, chlorine, salt water and the dry climate-all of these contribute to opening the cuticle, and allowing moisture and hair color to escape. Proper sun protection such as products and a hat, are crucial. Use low sulfate, or sulfate free shampoo when you cleanse your hair- this is super important. Use professional products- they are less harsh and milder than shampoos you find in super markets or pharmacies, and help prevent stripping the deposited pigments of color. When you style your hair with heat, use a heat protectant product. Visit our stylists for advice.

+ My hair is dull and matte. I want high shine. Do you offer anything to help me achive shiny hair?

We offer a Gloss Treatment. This will glaze your hair with a clear gloss, which will enhance your own natural color, or colored hair.

+ I am experiencing hair loss. Help!

Many factors can contribute to hair loss. If you are concerned about your hair thinning out, the first thing we suggest is to visit your DR for a blood test, just to be on the safe side, and to rule out any internal issues. If everything is good with the blood work, then there are a few other things to consider. Hair thinning can be a result of many things. They key is to find what is it, and it is often a process of elimination. Stress, hormonal imbalances, lack of proper nutrition can all play a part in hair loss, and see if you can get any or all of these under control with DR supervision. Getting frequent trims every few weeks helps to strengthen the ends, to prevent the ends from breaking and snapping off. Moisturizing deep conditioning treatments work wonders for your hair and scalp, and using volumizing styling products to get lift from the root gives the illusion of more hair. We also offer an amazing Hair Loss Treatment service which includes cleansing, a 7 minute stimulating scalp massage which is great to increase circulation, followed by a tonic that contains Pro-Vitamin B5 which promotes growth. We finish with an invigorating and deeply nourishing vital boost serum. One more piece of advice- the water here in Doha is really harsh. The chemical used for the desalination process can be too strong for your scalp to handle, causing some people to experience hair loss. Wash and rinse your hair with purified, bottled water.

+ Is it safe to color my hair when I am pregnant?

Check with your physician, and take all recommended precautions. If you choose to have your hair colored, please keep in mind that sometimes during pregnancy, a women might find herself sensitive to products that wouldn’t ordinarily effect her. We advise that you get a skin allergy patch test 24 hours prior to any chemical service.

+ I love my blonde hair, but what can I do to prevent it from going yellow and orange at home, and while traveling?

We do love our blondies! And we have a wonderful product that works like magic to keep the yellow and orange tones out, and your blonde color looking fresh in-between visits to us. Ask us about our “silver shampoo” and our “purple shampoo”.

Beauty & Spa Treatments Questions:

+ Why do you require a “patch test” for some of your beauty treatments?

Your health and safety is a priority to us. Patch tests allow us to test for allergic reactions. No one is forcing us to do this, this is our choice. And we choose to require this, as we are always looking out for your best interest. We apologize for any inconvenience a patch test might cause you. But, a little time taken from your day is much better than a negative reaction!

+ What exactly should I take off (or leave on) for a massage?

You may wear whatever makes you feel most comfortable. Some clients choose to leave their underwear on however most clients prefer to be nude. Our massage therapists are professionals and will always do their best to ensure your comfort and security. During your massage only the area that the technician is massaging will be exposed. The rest of you will be fully draped with a sheet and/or blanket.

+ Do I need to do anything to prepare for any of the treatments that you offer?

Sometimes. For example, if you are scheduled for a spray tan you will need to exfoliate before your treatment, and avoid shaving the day you receive the tan. Or, for example if you are having a facial it is best not to wear makeup. However, you can rest assured that when you make an appointment for a treatment that requires any preparation, the staff member taking your reservation will give you instructions.

+ Is it frowned upon to speak up during my treatment?

No way! We encourage you to speak up! After all, we cannot read your mind. Your hair, spa or beauty treatment is a time to relax and rejuvenate…a time to enjoy every moment to the fullest. For that reason, we ask that you mention any discomfort or preference to your therapist or stylist, whether room temperature, amount of massage pressure, water temperature or the volume of the music. We want you to be comfortable and have a blissful time!

+ What treatments can I have while pregnant?

Many beneficial treatments can be enjoyed during pregnancy, and a few services should be avoided. However, we would recommend that for some treatments, women in their first trimester not receive services, and that all pregnant women receive clearance from their physician prior to receiving any service from us. If you have any concerns, please ask our Spa and Beauty Department Manager, so that they can offer guidance.

+ How do I decide which facial will suit me best?

Our expert estheticians are trained to read the face, and to understand and correct imbalances. You are welcome to meet with one of our Guinot Facial Gurus prior to booking an appointment for a free consultation. She will anyalze your skin, determine your current skin type, and discuss with you a facial that will meet your skins needs.

+ Do you allow multiple services to be done at the same time?

It depends on the service. You can usually have two nails services, like a mani and pedi arranged to be done at the same time. However, we do not allow hair and nail services to be done at the same time, so that you are guaranteed quality.

+ I hate the look of chipped nails. Do you offer a solution?

Yes! Gel polish! We offer OPI Gel color and Shellac. These are a semi-permanent polish that looks perfect and lasts! That means no chipping, smudging or cracking!

+ What is the difference between gel and acrylic nails? How do I know which one to book for?

It all depends on the needs of the client. If they want nails for one occasion only, we usually recommend Acrylic. Acrylic soaks off where Gel you have to buff off your nails. So it’s easier on the nails to soak off the acrylic instead of filling of the Gel. Because we use a odorless acrylic I would say the Gel is stronger than the Acrylic. If a client prefers a French look, the Gel has a nice crisp white, instead of the Acrylic, so in that case Gel is a better option. It also depends on the condition of the clients nails, if they have short bitten nails, we usually recommend Acrylic, as you can build a nail bed with the acrylic. Both Gel and Acrylic had the same maintenance; we recommend they fill their nails every 2-3
weeks. Clients often think one damages the nails more than the other, but they are both the same. Damage to a clients nails come when a Nail technician files of buff to much on the natural nail. We take care at not over buffing the nails, that will do minimum damage to the natural nails. We also say to clients if they have had one or the other before, and it worked well on their nails, that it is better to stick to that. If clients also have issues with shellac coming of prematurely, it is very likely for Gel Enhancements to also not last so well, as some people have oily nail plates, then we would recommend Acrylic.

+ How do I remove artificial nails without damaging the nautral nails?

When clients want to remove their artificial nails, it’s important to have it done in a by a professional. A lot of times people pull their artificial nails off, and that causes a lot of damage to the natural nails. When acrylic or gel nails are peeled off, layers of the natural nail off with it, which leaves the nails extremely thin and damaged, this damage can take up to 6 months to grow out of the nail. Acrylic need to be soaked in acetone, this process takes up to 45 minutes. Gel nails we buff off the nail, with caution , until the gel is all off the natural nail. We highly recommend customers to have their nails removed by our professional nail technicians.

+ Do you use a drill? I’m in a hurry.

We will never come anywhere near your nail with a drill. We refuse to have drills in the salon. These can be dangerous, even in the hands of a skilled professional. Filing and buffing manually may take longer, but we would rather take our time to do it safely, and preserve your natural nail, than speed things up with a drill and put you at risk.

+ Can I have my nails filled if I’ve done them at another salon?

Yes we can fill any acrylic or gel nails done in another country or salon. It important to know if they use a different colour gel or acrylic to what we use, if they do, we might recommend to take your current artificial nails off and we can redo them for you. When in doubt, feel free to come for a short consultation with one of our Nail Technicians and we can recommend the best option for you.

+ Why should I choose your lash extension method when there are many options available to me on the market?

Novalash is often beat on on price, but never on safety and quality. Our platinum bond adhesive is award winning, made in America, has FDA approval, and will not harm your natural lash’s. The adhesive glue is pharmaceutical/medical grade and DR formulated for safety. This is the safest method and brand of lash extensions on the market.

+ Do you offer makeup lessons?

Yes, we do offer makeup lessons. Our professional makeup artists can teach you
anything. What colors compliment you. What tools and brushes to use and how to use them. Application techniques. Day time makeup. Evening makeup. Etc.

Bridal & Events Questions:

+ How far in advance should I book a hair and makeup trail for my wedding?

Your wedding day is the most important day of your life. It is best to have your trial services 3 to 4 months prior to your wedding day. This allows you to secure the stylist and makeup artist for the date of your wedding, as well as giving you time to make any changes to your haircut or color, should you choose to do so. Please call us for more information or to set up a complimentary consultation. The next step after the consultation, would be to book your trial, and finally book your wedding date. Or if you feel confident enough to skip the trial and just book your wedding date.

+ Do you accept bridal hair parties?

Yes, when booked in advance, we accept bridal hair parties and also can provide makeup services. A non-refundable deposit of 50% of booked services is required if the party is over 3 people, and must be made at the time of booking.

+ I have a special event/wedding that I need a hair stylist and/or makeup artist on site for. Do you offer home or on-location services?

Yes. If requesting a bridal service or other hair service out of our salon, on location at your wedding, or other event, we charge double the amount of in-salon services. A non-refundable deposit of 50% of booked services is required and must be made at the time of booking. Appointments booked out of our salon must be made well in advance, and requires management approval. Enquire with management for more details.

Gift Questions:

+ I love your services and want to share the experience! Do you offer gift certificates?

Gift certificates are available for purchase, and are a gorgeous gift! We offer gift
certificates to be made out towards a service, multiple services, a package, or monetary amounts. There are so many reasons to celebrate the women in your life: Friends, Family, Loved Ones, Co-workers, Boss, Birthdays, Holidays, Thank-you, New Mothers, Anniversaries, Teachers, Wedding, Best Wishes, Welcome To Qatar, Bon Voyage, Good Luck, Congratulations, Thinking Of You, Ramadan, Eid, Stocking stuffers, etc!

Gift certificates are non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for cash or retail
products. Expires 6 months from date of purchase.

Special Offers & Free Services:

+ Do you ever have special offers? How can I learn about them?

We often have special offers. Sign up for our email newsletter at the bottom of the website, in the pink bar. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter. We often post our special offers there.

+ I have a favorite service at Glow. Is there a way to save on it?

Yes. We offer a savings plan package for our hair and beauty addicts! Please visit our service menu, and click on “Packages” for more information.

+ I heard you organize in-house advanced training for your hair, beauty and spa staff, and require models who will come get free services in exchange for being worked on during a training class. How can I sign up?

That is correct. Continuing education and training classes are very important here to us at Glow, to learn and practice new techniques, and not only maintain our high standards, but improve them. One of the ways we do this is by using live models who volunteer to be worked on in exchange for a free service. All classes are supervised by our Trainers and Education Directors. To sign up, please call the front desk and volunteer.

Product Questions:

+ Am I required to buy products after a service?

Occasionally, we will highly recommend products that are important to maintain, and extend the life of your results. For example, if you receive eyelash extensions, it is really important you follow the after care instructions and use the correct products. Using incorrect products could cause your lashes to come off, as certain ingredients in your cosmetics and facial cleansers could be too harsh. Another example is hair extensions. We cannot guarantee our hair extensions unless you buy the shampoo and brush to care for them properly. With our Brazilian Blowout service, the after-care products are so important, we automatically give them to you with your service! Please rest assured that we will give you clear instructions on which products you must use, and how to use them.

+ I am overwhelmed by the selection of products that you offer. How do I know which one is right for me?

Please do not hesitate to ask us for help. We are here to serve you. If the receptionist feels she cannot answer your question, she will grab a Hair or Beauty expert to discuss products with you and suggest something.