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Many thanks to all of you who have taken the time to email us, message us, or chat to us in person to tell us how we have changed your curls- and your life.

We have been genuinely blown away by such incredible feedback and support from you all.

There are so many things we love about being in this business; however, our favourite thing of all is this immense connection with curly women and hearing your stories.

Thank you for sharing.

If you would like to share your experience, please do email us: hillary@glowamericansalon.net and we will share your story with the world on social media to help inspire more curly women just like yourself!

A few Curly Testimonies

Hello, you may not remember me but I feel compelled to write to you. I convinced my younger sister to visit Kozma for her curls. She is only 15 and very insecure about her natural hair. All of a sudden, after her visit to you, she is glowing- from the inside (her curls look amazing too). Before her visit, she was going to dump a lot of money to permanently straighten her curls. Now she is a natural hair advocate. Even the way she speaks is remarkable. I am happy to hear Kozma is inspired to be in the curly business. Your mission will be difficult at times- the population is brain washed into thinking straight hair is great and curly hair is shameful. However, your enthusiasm is already starting to spark a difference in the way we embrace ourselves as women. Thank you. P.S. I have attached a picture of my sister with her new curls- doesn’t she look happy and confident?
-Gaidah Khashmelmous

For most of my life I’ve always had trouble with my hair: the curls , the thickness , the frizz, it was always too much to handle. So, the way I dealt with my daily struggle was by straightening it which led to a lot of split ends and just caused a lot of damage.
A few months ago I started embracing my curls by not straightening it every day.
However it was still frizzy and hard to maintain.
So when I saw Kozma salons curly model search, I was very shocked to be honest as I don’t normally see pictures of naturally curly hair- much less a salon catering to curls.
After I got selected to be a model, I went to the salon to participate in your curls clinic-the crew was very welcoming, and gave amazing advice for my specific type of curl.
I learnt that my whole routine beforehand was not correct. They told me what to do and patiently showed me step by step. In addition, they boosted my confidence- I was excited to embrace my natural hair in every way possible.
The end result of the hydration technique was outstanding! I couldn’t believe my hair was that curly! I loved it so much and am planning on doing the technique every single time I wash my hair- yes girls, I’m a fully committed curly client now!
In addition, I’ve gotten so many compliments, and now many of my friends with curly hair want to come to your salon to learn + use the technique. Honestly, no one can believe it’s MY natural curls as they’re normally hidden by frizz.
Thank you for the amazing service and I will definitely visit you again for more curly love.
-Insaf Arredouani

I pride myself on my meticulous appearance. I wouldn’t classify myself as gorgeous by any means, but how I present myself is important to me. That is why I was devastated one recent day, when I’d arrived at work and my boss told me he wanted a word with me- the curls needed to go. He said wearing my hair curly was not professional. Apparently, he thought I was not representing the company well. He also hinted that not only would I never move up in the company, indeed my future may not be secure, if I continued to look the way I do. It was humiliating to me, to say the least. Let me start by saying I have super curly hair. All my life, I’ve been told to straighten and relax it. My earliest memories are sitting in front of the tv every sunday night, while my auntie sat behind me, running a hot comb through my hair to flatten the curl. Its been many long years of fighting (and hating) my hair. Then, back in 2017, I found your salon on Instagram. Your movement to celebrate natural texture was the most refreshing thing I’d ever heard in my 38 years of life. And while I haven’t been in to see you yet (I’m sorry! But you’ll be happy to know I finally booked my appointment!) you did inspire me to wear my hair curly… and embracing my curls after a lifetime of hating them felt like I was finally accepting and loving myself- like I was finally home. After my boss had a go at me, he’d made it clear- it was the company or the curls. I chose the curls. I handed in my resignation the next day. I’ve become my own boss. I took the opportunity to do something even more meaningful with my career, so things worked out for the best. Thank you for inspiring me. It all started with feeling empowered with my natural hair! I can’t wait to visit you, for a much needed cut and to learn how to style it- and to thank you in person. Oh and one last thing- I agree with you 100%- curls ARE professional!!
-Gabby Nelshed

Omg. Just… wow. Fun, fabulous, bouncy curls. And they are all mine!
-Chloe Terblanche