24K Gold & Pure Silver Body Jewels

Stylish and glamourous, these two dimensional jewels are luxurious, lavish, and affordable. With a large variety of designs, and sizes, you are spoiled for choice.

These body jewels are made of pure 24K gold or pure silver.

Casual, or special occasion, Gold & Silver Body Jewels are a unique way to show your beauty. They are stunning under the sun on the beach, complimenting your swimwear. They look cool with jeans, and beautiful on your wedding day.

Safe, temporary and water resistant. Lasts 1-7 days (or longer), depending on care and skin type.

Pricing: starts at QR80 Please inquire for more pricing details, or come by for a free consultation. Designs can be as simple or intricate as you like.

If we don’t have the design you are looking for, we can easily special order for you, and try to have it within a business day or two.

Placement can be as creative as you like. We can place jewels on ankles, shoulders, neck area (like a necklace), wrist (like a bracelet), back, and so on.


Are you ready to glow?

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